Internet Marketing has evolved over the years from a way to create a home based business into a beast that seems to be filled with the have’s and the have not’s. All too often I receive story after story from people who’s hopes and dreams have been dashed at an expensive cost. Retirement funds… depleted, credit cards… maxed out, and debt at a time when financial stability in the market place is teetering on recession.

In a sea of Internet Marketing shams, scams and greed there is a single voice, a quiet business changing the face of how business is done here on the Internet. They are putting an end to the elitist MLM pyramid schemes and have found a way to generate Long Term Residual Income and wealth creation, if you join their team. The Marketing group is simply called Its Good Business and is helping the individual by using a buy customers business model; for the first time, an individual can build a real business online. The residual income potential is eye opening and the financial calculator provides a realistic income potential over the long term.

The key to any good business online or off is to obtain customer market share. This is the heart of Its Good Business wealth creation and long term residual income. The Marketing Group works in teams separated into categories of SEO and lead generation, Blogging, Press release and finally Sales. Each individual who joins Its Good Business gets to excel at what they do best but receives the benefits of others talents in their field of expertise and passion. Its Good Business also trains their people to become complete marketers and business entrepreneurs by providing information on how to properly use search engine optimization, blogging; etc…. to help each member grow their future.

What this means is you don’t have to do it all. The team as a whole does. Its Good Business even has a sales team who does nothing but provide information to interested parties and help them join the group. The key here is individuals get strategic placement based on their skills and the groups line gets filled. No one had to make a cold call, recruit or buy a lead in order to grow. The only requirement is buying customers which create long term residual income for the life of the business relationship from this Quiet Business.

Some may try and undersell and over promise this opportunity because it sounds too good to be true. Do not allow this to happen to you. Its Good Business’s financial calculator is based on joining their group and following their marketing plan. Only then will you find the success you are looking for, speak with a representative or attend an information session on any given Saturday at 1pm PST and see for yourself. There is no pressure, no sales pitch and no recruiting. Its Good Business whishes to only offer information on how you can become successful and break free from the MLM bastardization of your dreams.

Corie Wallace – Marketing Strategy Specialist

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e-mail, e-Marketing… EGADS!

February 21, 2008

I am slowly beginning to dread the sound of my “email alert”.

Dread you say?  Oui Oui mon frer.

I have always been interested in how others choose to market their
products and opportunities.  In the beginning I read every e-mail I
received.  Foolish?  Perhaps.  I felt it was better to learn what to do
as well as what not to do when creating my promotional marketing
pieces.  After all, I am keenly aware that the person on the other
side of the screen who’s receiving my e-mail, doesn’t know me from
a hill of beans and couldn’t care less what I’m selling.

Psssst, they’re too busy selling their own stuff.

Let’s face it, most of us have a “system” that helps us send out mass
e-mails to contacts, (if you don’t, contact me I’ve got a few suggestions
to help you choose what would be best for you), but hey, if you don’t
have the time or gumption to write an original letter about your business
opportunity why would I choose to join your affiliate program, your new
business opportunity or take the time to opt in to your newsletter?

In other words, what are you saying by what you send out in your emails?

People wonder why they don’t succeed in their attempt at creating a home
based business on the Internet.  Many times it’s right here, in the beginning. They are not treating it like a business.

Imagine yourself walking into someone’s office, let’s say it’s a cold call or
your very first appointment with them.  Would you walk in, drop off a piece
of literature and say “buy this stuff “ and walk out?  How many sales would
you make that way?  A big fat goose egg! Nada, Zilch, yes folks, Zero sales.

But, I see it every day in my e-mail box, e-Marketers saying “hey, check out
my site … oh, and join!”  What aren’t they doing here?  EVERYTHING.

Basic selling skills 101: Introduce yourself.  Start building a relationship.
When writing your copy for your emails, write them in a sequence, a building up of the opportunity.  This way people get to see who you are, what you are about, why you feel strongly about your product, that your passionate about it and why it’s a good business opportunity for them.

You can splash your url for your biz-op all over the place… I wont be clicking it unless you can tell me why you think it’s a great business opportunity for me to invest my money in.  Oh and another thing, just because it’s free, doesn’t make it a good choice.  No opportunity is free forever.  If it is, how would anyone get paid!

One last thing in this rant before I go, article and letter builders; how many of you receive e-mails Marketing and selling something and it is identical to
someone else’s?  I mean identical down to the subject header !!!??  Come on folks, remember I said original content here.  I’m not going to read Joe’s, Mary’s and Tom’s if they are the same letter.  I got it once, I don’t need it 10 times!

Good copy is hard work, it takes time and effort.  But the only key to success in e-mail marketing, is to get the person to open your marketing piece and read it.  It’s your first impression, your opportunity to succeed or fail is right there.  So please, treat it that way.

Corie Wallace, Basic Author

Corie Wallace is located in Boston, Massachusetts
You can reach her by contacting:
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“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character;and character fixes our destiny.” – Tyron Edwards

I know I’ve spent a lot of time on the sales aspect of internet marketing. It’s what I love to do best! But I think it’s time we take a step back for a minute and evaluate what we do here. There are many different opportunities in network marketing and many different ways to sell them. The most important thing you can do is find something that you are passionate about, something that you get excited about and that personally interests you for starters. What we do can be very tedious at times, if we are not enjoying what we are marketing, it becomes difficult to write about, talk about,or stay self motivated.

As I continue to learn and grow here in Internet Marketing Wonderland..
I have
found myself part of several groups where there a teams working
together on
specific opportunities, usually, these rooms go silent. Why
you ask? Because
the few carry the weight of the rest and at some point the give and take becomes all about taking. Clearly these “takers” are out of their element, overwhelmed and unable to grasp the opportunity they are in. Their motivation for being involved? Purely to get rich quick with out any
effort. They never succeed
and end up running around bashing the program they invested in. But what they didn’t invest in it… was their time. Time is the most costly and valuable commodity we put into our online businesses. It is something, unlike a 9-5 job, that doesn’t pay when you start out. You must leverage your time in order to gain income in the future. So choosing what excites you instead of how much it pays is very important. Trust me, if you put in the time,you will see an income.

Ask yourself these questions when considering an opportunity.

Can I see myself talking about this in a positive manner for years to

Can I imagine myself walking into someone’s office and presenting this
as an
opportunity that can grow their business and make them money?

Is my motivation with this opportunity to build a steady income or to
rich quick irregardless of the consequences?

Is it something that I can sell outside of the internet if given the

What kind of company am I aligning myself with?

If you are considering an opportunity, do your homework in regards to
the reputati
on of the company you are considering investing in. Once you opt in, you become the face of that company to your customers and prospects. It’s your reputation that is on the line not theirs. If you don’t choose wisely, you can destroy your internet business in a heart beat representing something that over promises and under delivers.

Be wary of this. Think long and hard about this point. Trust me, if it sounds too good to be true… it is.

All the questions I asked you to consider point to two things,longevity and reputation. Both are things that involve you. If one gets caught up in the big pay out, realize that it is very very hard to get someone to invest that kind of money and what true substance does that program really provide in return? Do you have people already interested in wanting to invest that kind of sum? If you do,then maybe it’s a good opportunity. If you don’t, how easy do you think it will be to get a return on your investment. I know a person who has been Network Marketing on the internet for over a decade, bought into a program that has a 2k price tag on it. You know the kind, where you have to drag people to a cyber call in to listen to a someone say “buy my program, I and only I can teach you the way to make money on the internet. If you cant sell this program you aren’t a closer and you need me to do it for you. All for the price of 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS!”

If after a decade you don’t have a base that can invest 2k, why on earth would you choose that opportunity? You’re setting yourself up for failure.

On the other hand, if you look at opportunities that are affordable
cash wise, interest and excite you, odds are in the long run you would’ve made 2k in a decade. My poor associate is still waiting for that big sale. He spends all his time in social networks trying to get people to attend this call.

Eventually, if it hasn’t happened already, he will be known as the guy
who wants
you to spend 2k. His reputation will be in the cyber toilet.

Always opt for something that you see a value in, that you can be proud
of and
most importantly that you believe in. Your sales techniques
will improve at
an incredible rate if you know why you invested, what positives you see and what growth potential you believe there is.

Yes folks, it really is that simple. You just needed to hear it. Corie Wallace, Basic Author

Who is The Diva you ask?

February 16, 2008

My name is Corie Wallace; I have been in sales most of my adult life and have been quite successful at it. I have worked for over 20 years as a sales specialist, manufacturers representative where I was responsible for multiple lines. Last year I generated in one category alone over 6 million dollars in sales in one year and grew company’s businesses by 20-30% consistently. I’ve dealt with high level corporations with multiple branches requiring many sessions of sales techniques and training with people at all levels of skill and helped make each one a success. After so many years of helping make the wealthy, wealthier; I opt to help you the individual get your business off the ground and the experienced entrepreneur that extra something that puts them over the top.

I spend much of my time on the Internet, Networking and building relationships, Marketing my opportunities, mastering search engine optimization, copy writing and submitting ezines.   If you are serious about succeeding in business you need to read what The Diva has to say and avoid the fate of so many who have come and gone before you.