As I move along the networking aspects of marketing and sales on the Internet. I’ve come across many characters, some successfull and ethical, some not so successful, some lazy and a whole bunch of sheep. Here you can find strategies that you can learn from, situations to stay away from and stuff to down right just learn to cut and run from. You may not agree with me, so please feel free to comment nothing will be held back not from me, and not from you. I look forward to sharing thoughts here that I refrain from talking about on my Sales and Marketing Training Site, but these life lessons in sales are just as important and those. Welcome to the Diva’s house.

Corie Wallace is the author of The Diva Rants , Essential Marketing Strategies  and an expert author.  With over 20 years of Marketing and Sales experience in the wholesale and retail sectors, successful entrepreneur and Marketing Strategist Corie Wallace has decided to share her wealth of experience with the Internet Marketer.  Her keen insight, and simple how to’s take complex techniques and simplify them for the average entrepreneur to succeed.  She offers her services in Marketing Strategies , Sales Techniques, Motivational Sales Consultant as well as copy right skills essential to growing your business.

Her business opportunities include:

Its Good Busness

Trivita Affiliate Program

Trivita Health and Wellness



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